A wine named Brian.

A wine named Brian.

Do you ever  expect a wine not to taste good, purely based off it's appearance?

Me too.

That's what happened with this range of Brian wines. The alternative label and flip top cap made the whole experience feel very grungy. I was expecting that furry hoppy bleurgh beer taste.

Oh boy, I was wrong.

Every. Single. One. Just. Delicious.

And it's down to the expertise of the wine makers. A trio made up of winemakers Pete Dredge and Joe Holyman, and esteemed wine writer Mike Bennie.

Since 2012, they've used grapes from Tamar Valley in Tasmania and produced small batches using natural, low-fi winemaking techniques. What does that mean I hear you say? It's techniques which have few additions or adjustments in the process and is more tolerant of imperfections.

The result is takes on 3 classics:

Rizza. Riesling. Everything you'd expect from a Riesling but with a subtle oak and tangy twist.

Gris. Pinot Gris. Skin contact orangey delight with a full dance on your taste buds.

3 Pinots. Pinot Noir blend. I want to say an adult Ribena, but it's so much more complex than that. Very very drinkable.


Lucky for us the winemakers also saw the demand for small format. The insight was from friends not wanting to drink beer, but searching for something easy to hold, carry and drink.

And so the 375ML Brian wines were born. 

Mike Bennie also co-owns PNV,  Piss and Vinegar, a wine retailer in Newtown, Sydney. On sunny days you'll see the locals drinking the 375ML wines in parks catching up with friends or tucking into a picnic. 

Convenient. Tasty. Different.


Image taken from @pnvwinemerchants on instagram.




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