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Brian Gris 375ML

Brian Gris 375ML

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Skin contact wine that's rosy and full of flavour.

This unconventional skin-contact Pinot Gris from winemaking rebels Bennie, Dredge, and Holyman is an exciting twist on white wine. Fermented on grape skins for a full month, it emerges with a stunning pinkish hue brimming with tangy red fruit flavours and lively tannins that dance on your tongue. The extended skin contact gives it an irresistibly smooth, rich texture. Perfectly balanced between crisp and juicy, this wine practically jumps from the glass.

An ideal choice for adventurous wine lovers seeking a lively, fruit-forward glass with ample personality. You'll be clamouring for refill after the first sip!


Half bottle 375ML

Pinot Gris

Tasmania, Australia


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