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Coppabella Prosecco 200ML

Coppabella Prosecco 200ML

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Bubbly, fresh small bottle of Prosecco, perfect sweet treat without being too sweet.

This bright, dry Prosecco offers a refreshing lift of zesty citrus flavours. Each sip features juicy green apple and lime notes, with a hint of orange peel dancing on your tongue. The bubbles are lively without being aggressive, making for an elegant mouthfeel. This Prosecco is delightfully easy to drink on its own as an aperitif, or pair it with light appetizers for a perfectly balanced glass.

Wine lovers looking for an affordable, quality sparkling wine will love this Prosecco's brightness and gentle sweetness. It's the ideal size to enjoy a glass of bubbles on your own after a long day, or to split with a friend over great conversation. The Coppabella Prosecco adds a touch of luxury to everyday moments.


“..subtle aromas of citrus and stone fruit.. clean and complex.. all in harmony.. the soft and creamy mouth feel leads to a clean and refreshing finish.” 

Stephen Read, Wine Matrix


Piccolo 200ML


Tumbarumba, Australia



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