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Brian Rizza 375ML

Brian Rizza 375ML

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Everything you'd expect from a Riesling, but with a twist.

This Riesling breaks the mold, taking inspiration from oxidative Jura wines. The wine sees extended aging in large, neutral oak barrels, where it remains on its lees and develops rich, savory flavors. Nutty, musky aromas emerge, reminiscent of oxidized sherries. Take a sip and you'll find layers of tangy bruised citrus, with racy acidity and an enjoyably crunchy texture. It's a Riesling tailored for seafood, especially oysters. The saline minerality and crunchy acid makes it a perfect pair.

For the adventurous Riesling drinker looking for something outside the norm, Brian Rizza's 375ML brings a complex new twist to the grape. Its savoury, sherried leanings and mouth-watering acidity reinvent the expected Riesling profile. Crack it open with fresh oysters for a match made in heaven.


Half bottle 375ML


Tasmania, Australia


Crown seal

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